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Clay Brick Making Machine

Introduction of Clay Brick Making Machine:

Our company for the production of clay brick is representative of the current world vacuum extrusion technology more advanced models of clay brick machine, which has more than 100 years history and development experience in China and the countries in the world in general use, our equipment have the advantages of consistency output, adaptability good raw materials and pervasive strong. We have adopt an new technoloty according to users design and the actual needs of a variety of clay brick making production lines.

Clay Brick Making Production Line Flow
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Clay Brick Making Machine
If you are interested in the Clay Brick Making Machine by us, please Contact us or visit the website of the company for relevant prices and detailed technical parameters and specifications etc. HONGJI GROUP. will assure you of our best service at all time!
Clay Brick Making Machine:
Clay Brick Machine
Theoretical Output Table:
In brick and ceramic industry, this machine is in the last section which gives the final shape to the product. It basically consists of two main units. The first unit located on the top is a double shaft de-airing mixer. It mixes and kneads the clay material. Mud is then passed through a vacuum chamber in which de-airing of the material is achieved. The vacuumed mud is then directed towards the so called lower unit. Here the squeezing and driving augers carry the mud into the machine barrel. Finally the exrusion operation is completed by forcing the mud block through the desired die shape. This machine can handle materials with moisture ratios of 20 to 25 per cent.
The double shaft de-airing mixer is a sturdy steel construction. The main body and other parts of the lower exruding machine are of heavy duty cast materials. At the outlet port of the upper unit a cutter is installed. In this system the mud is brought to the most desirable condition for de-airing. Problems of over compaction and over loading in the vacuum chamber is thus prevented. All paddles and augers are made out of wearing resistant steel. They are designed with high accuracy to operate with minimum energy consumption. Slippage of mud in the forcing paddle section and in the machine barrel is prevented by easily replacable internal steel linings. Upper and lower units are driven by two different gear boxer and motors. Also clutching systems are installed on both units. Upper and lower units could be positioned atraight or at right angle with respect to each other depending on the plant layout requirementer.
Description of Clay Brick Machine:
Vacuum crowded brick machine is hollow brick production at the main molding equipment. Both the upper and lower parts of it sealed in tandem together, the first time their superiors were stirring the mud out of the seminar, entered the vacuum chamber and in a vacuum chamber in the soil are taken from the air expected to be lower again after a screw extruder and smooth surface and the density of the mud.
Unit structure used in all the main steel casting, solid Wearable pressure is hollow brick production, shale bricks, slabs dedicated host gangue. Intelligent electronic control system: Intelligent Control Room direct air forever without plugging mud of trouble. Super housings: Siamese Steel Casting and weighing 150 gram, Steel split-type, Longkou design: the replacement of 1 to pay the higher level spiral time in 30 minutes to complete.
Specifications of Clay Brick Making Machine:
Type Capacity (pcs/h) Power (kw) Rotary speed of principal
machine (r/min)
Weight (kg)
JK300 6000-7000 55 53 8800
JK350 800-10000 75 53 10800
JK400 10000-12000 90 53 12800
JK450 12000-14000 110 53 14800
JK500 14000-16000 132 57 16800

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